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System Solutions by Trustteam is an Open Datacenter Architect. In the process of building open datacenters for our customers, we have defined four essential domains:

  • Processing
  • Storage
  • Applications
  • Network & Security


For each of these domains, we have chosen a series of technologies for the future and selected a number of strategic vendors. Combined with an ongoing effort to provide excellent services, all this makes up what we call System Solutions by Trustteam’ “Magic Circle” of integrated solutions.

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The efficiency and speed with which raw data is processed into valuable information is what will make or break businesses in the future.

Employees need to be able to access information anywhere and anytime.

At System Solutions by Trustteam, we help our customers to achieve this goal by developing tailor-made solutions combined with state-of-the-art technology such as edge and appliance servers, server-based computing and high-end architectures.

Consolidation: Isolation, virtualization, partitioning, blades servers,…

System Solutions by Trustteam has defined an approach to help you to build the right architecture depending on your environment.


Each company has different needs and wants to use stored information.

System Solutions by Trustteam can deploy made-to-measure infrastructure applications for your individual business needs, including messaging and fax platforms, groupware, database-infrastructure and the Internet.


The primary purpose of an open datacenter is to store your company data: customer data, invoicing and accountancy data, product data, etc.

Storage capacity is essential because, as you will have experienced in your own company, all businesses are currently witnessing an exponential growth in the quantity of data. These data are vital for the smooth business operation. In other words, they are mission-critical data. So it is essential to manage them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

System Solutions by Trustteam has the solutions and experience to help your business to store, secure and manage these data.

ILM (Information Lifecycle Management)

Based on an experience of more than 20 years in the storage environment, System Solutions by Trustteam can define and analyze with you the best solution to manage the full information lifecycle – capture, manage, retain and deliver.

Network & Security

Information is probably your company’s most valuable asset.

System Solutions by Trustteam can help you to build the necessary network and security infrastructures to allow users to access it fast and permanently whilst protecting and securing it to the maximum against attack.

We can help you to do this without impeding your employees from getting at the information they need (and to which they have authorized access), whenever and wherever they need it.