08.06.2022 | Cercle du Lac

Digital Transition Workshop (3/3)

Prepare a first draft of an implementation plan specific to your company and actionable.


Today, digital transformation can't be content with simply buying a product or a technological service, but must involve a complete overhaul of the way the company operates and its interaction with its customers, employees, suppliers.

We invite you to discover together how digital transformation is a global strategic approach that should allow you to reinvent yourself, reinvent your business in this new paradigm. The pandemic has also been a major accelerator.

Together, we will see that it is also a question of attitude, way of thinking and culture. The GAFA, NATU and other digital masters have understood this well: they put the employee and the customer at the heart of the digital strategy to attract, mobilize and retain them. Practical feedback will allow you to better position yourself in relation to companies that have started this transformation process.

Based on concrete cases and pragmatic approaches, you will be able to understand how technology, new organizational models and digital culture support changes in behavior and influence the functioning of your organization.

We suggest that you reflect together on your digital transition which goes beyond the simple technological implementation, but which also considers its adoption through concepts such as change management, agility, leadership, service design or the experience lived by the customer.

We will help you to approach your transformation and learn how to structure a digital transition which must create value for your company but also for all the stakeholders in your organization.


This course will take place in the form of three workshops which will aim, on the basis of feedback and concrete cases, to better understand the challenges and pitfalls of a digital transformation and to draw up a first draft of it in the context of your business.


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Preparation of a canvas based on the first workshops


Outline digital transformation based on a tool


Conclusion: Adapted canvas to the company, Implementation plan and commitment of people


Networking Cocktail