31.05.2022 | Cercle du Lac (Belgique)

Roadshow Ransomware

In front of cyber risks, arm yourself with an unchanging storage, the best protection for your data!


Ransomware-type cyberattacks are now daily occurrences and their impacts can be catastrophic. These attacks are increasingly sophisticated and affect existing backup infrastructures, making restorations often impossible. The issue is therefore no longer to know if we will be victim of these risks, but when we will be, and above all, how to anticipate them.


If you recognize yourself in, at least, one of the statements below, then this seminar is for you:

      - Your company has already been the victim of an (attempted) attack
      - You know a company in your relations, who has already been the victim of an (attempted) attack
      - The tape backup management is complex
      - The data restoration takes so much time and does’nt guarantee reliability
      - Supply continuously an access to datas became essential to preserve your activity.

During our roadshow, we will introduce you a storage solution that can withstand ransomware attacks, that will create a real defence to protect your backups.

This cloud-native approach hinges on most tried-and-tested solutions and rests on the most advanced technologies, such as object storage (S3).

This solution will also protect your budget: the suggested pricing approach makes it accessible to all companies.

We will offer the concerns, show the solution and introduce a successful user experience, before answering all your questions.


This event will take place at Cercle du Lac, in Belgium:
23, bd Baudouin 1er
B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve
(Free parking on site)


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Walking lunch (hot buffet and dessert)